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Dr. Tyrene Wright is a scholar and author of the book, Booker T. Washington and Africa: The Making of A Pan-Africanist. Dr. Wright's research began over a decade ago and has evolved into this paradigm-shifting book on Washington's evolution as a Pan-Africanist and his role in African affairs. The book offers a corrective to the dominant narrative of Washington as the Accommodationist, pacifist and Uncle Tom that historians have defined him as. It revisits the Tuskegee model, it's founding, the mission, and Washington’s efforts to export it to Africa as a model of sustainability for African communities. Dr. Wright's pivotal work has changed the discourse on Booker T. Washington forever.



Dr. Wright teaches for the City University of New York, she is  the  founder and publisher of Global Africa Press, and the founder of    African Women for Africa (AWA) a NGO .

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