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The Congo Free State

Booker T. Washington actively propagandized against the atrocities taking place in the Congo Free State under King Leopold. He became vice president of the Friends of the Congo in addition to lobbying the white house on issues related to the Congo.

The Liberian Crisis 

In the wake of the Liberian Crisis Booker T. Washington would host and facilitate negotiations on behalf of Liberia.  Serving  as key negotiator Washington managed to ensure the security of  Liberia from encroachment by French, British and German colonial forces in Africa.

The African Exclusion Measure 

The Completion of  the Panama Canal provoked legistation that would exclude all  African or Black persons from the US from 1915 on.  The measure targeted the African (Black) populations residing in the Caribbean, Central and South America who worked as laborers on the Panama Canal.  It was Booker T. Washington and his use of the Tuskegee Machine  that would effectively have the racist measure debunked in one week.   Washington had the correct balance  of  Pan African consiousness  coupled with  power to act in

defense  of African people internationally.  

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